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    A hard time made easier

    Posted by: anonymous

    Found Shaye via yelp. Didn't have a ton of reviews but what was there were all good reviews. Gave it a chance to contact her via e-mail, and she was prompt in replying. Scheduled a phone consult quickly to go over my bankruptcy case. Was professional but also sensitive to my situation. She had better than competitive rates, again being sensitive to my circumstances. Hired shortly after the consult and the whole bankruptcy was pretty quick and painless. She is thorough and quick to reply to e-mails/texts. I would definitely recommend Shaye.

    The BEST Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Posted by: April

    For the past year or two, I found myself in a pile of debt due to being unemployed and not making the best financial decisions. I knew that bankruptcy was my only option at this point, but I had been putting it off because of all the negative things we hear about it. I finally said enough is enough and found Shaye on Yelp. During our consultation, Shaye was thorough in describing what this process would entail. Her calming energy made me feel comfortable and confident that I would get through this with her guidance. She is organized, punctual, patient, understanding, and straight to the point. Because of Shaye’s hard work, I am FREE of debt! I have never felt so relieved and ready to start enjoying my life again, but with the knowledge of how to prioritize saving money and spending it wisely. I cannot thank Shaye enough!!!

    Shaye Larkin Review

    Posted by: Anonymous

    Shaye was always very accessible and prompt in responding to any questions or concerns. In additional to being highly organized and professional, I truly appreciated her attentiveness throughout the process, which resulted in a successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge.

    Very positive experience

    Posted by: Michal

    Shaye helped me to file for bankruptcy from abroad. I could not have wished for a better attorney. She went out of her way to accommodate my unusual situation, she was extremely knowledgeable, professional and also super nice! I very highly recommend her!

    Super Shaye to the rescue!

    Posted by: Craig

    Shaye is a fantastic lawyer. I was quite nervous about the whole bankruptcy process. Shaye put my mind at ease by being patient, personable and caring. The whole experience from start to finish went totally smooth. On the day of my hearing, Shaye was a complete professional (and fun to hang around with too). I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to declare bankruptcy.

    Quick Response

    Posted by: Desiree

    Quick response, helpful with good advise. Gave me some insight on what we need to do

    Knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate

    Posted by: Mary

    My brother was going through a stressful time and living in a shelter. He wanted to file for bankruptcy. Since I took care of all his business affairs, I made calls to several bankruptcy attorneys. From my first call to Shaye Larkin and after our consultation, I knew she was the attorney to assist us.

    Shaye was very helpful with guiding us through the legal process. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and genuinely cares about helping people. I appreciated how quickly she returned calls, responded to emails and text messages. There was always communication. She was always courteous, professional and I loved that she works directly with her clients.

    My brother passed before his court date however Shaye made sure I received his discharge. It was a pleasure to work with Shaye. So grateful!

    Shaye, thank you for your support and hard work.

    I highly recommend Shaye Larkin. She is the best!

    Shaye Larkin, Excellent Bankruptcy Attorney
    Posted by a client

    Shaye Larkin made me feel at ease in coming to terms with filing bankruptcy and that it was nothing to be ashamed of. She was professional, kind, patient and answered my questions and concerns promptly. She advised me on how to respond to my creditors during the process and of what to expect at the hearing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering filing bankruptcy.

    Ready to forget the lawyer jokes?

    Posted by Clint

    You're here looking for an attorney or seeking legal advice. Not the definition of fun, right? Oh, and you need an attorney quickly. Add in not wanting to hire a mediocre attorney. Stress building yet? I have that t-shirt, and have worn it multiple times in divorce (plural) and didn't want to wear it again in bankruptcy.

    While the prospect of filing for bankruptcy wasn't appealing, I can tell you Shaye has made the whole process a heck of a lot easier than I would have thought. Starting from the initial communication via phone, to the first meeting to go over the opening set of documents, and throughout all exchanges of communication via text/phone/email and in-person, Shaye has been absolutely fantastic and supportive. Human element mixed with legal representation? Yep.

    I don't know if Shaye considered me to be organized with my documents or not, though I can say for certain it seemed to help that I was able to produce most documentation rather quickly and that's great because Shaye moves, lightning fast. There is no messing around with Shaye. She's on point, quick to respond, quick to deliver documents for signing, and quick to file with the court. She did not miss any deadlines.

    Yet another impressive thing about Shaye is her willingness to admit when she's not 100% positive of a question or problem being presented and will confer with her colleagues. I want someone knowledgeable, yet humble enough to admit he/she doesn't know everything.

    Would I recommend Shaye Larkin to anyone in need of a bankruptcy attorney? Absolutely and without reservation or hesitation. Shaye is gold and 100% deserving of the high ratings and positive reviews.


    Posted by Eric

    Shaye is the best bankruptcy lawyer you can possibly have: very compassionate at the same time she is thorough, always generous with her knowledge, time and rate. Hire her with complete confidence during this difficult transition.

    Shaye Larkin San Francisco Bay Area Experienced Bankruptcy Professional - handled my case professionally

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I listenened to Len Tillem on KGO Radio in SF for years. When I emailed him about a bankruptcy lawyer, he immediately referred me to Shaye. I had an initial consultation with her where she explained all bankruptcy options very clearly and concisely. I went back and forth trying to decide for a year. She ACTUALLY followed up with ME to ask what I wanted to do. I was very notice, but knew this was something I needed to do. We proceeded and all of my paperwork and proceedings went smoothly. Shaye has the utmost attention to detail, is responsive to emails, knows the system and handles creditor inquiries. Shaye is focused on areas that she knows well and not trying to be all over the place. I highly recommend her.

    Committed to her clients.

    Posted by Alexander

    I was by far prepared to file Bankruptcy but with the help of Shaye she organized my mess of a filing. The time it took for me to be prepared to file was extensive but Shaye stuck by and completed my Chapter 7. I really appreciate her patience and understanding and highly recommend her.

    Great attorney !!!

    Posted by Lena, a Bankruptcy client

    I was referred to Shaye larking by my friend . She helped my brother with bankruptcy and this year I need to file bankruptcy as well due to divorce .
    I was very impressed by how knowledgeable , ificient , thereow and patient she is .
    She made the process easy and quick .
    I highly recommend Sheye Larkin !!

    Shaye Larkin my attorney.

    Posted by Roxana

    Shaye Larkin is a excellent attorney, she is very smart , she knows her work I am happy to have her as my lower, alway keep me informed. Thank you.

    She'll Get The Job Done

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larkin was the right attorney for me. She was compassionate, knowledgeable, and realistic. Shaye guided me through the process step-by-step. She always answered questions promptly and was crystal clear in her explanations. Shaye kept me on track when I felt overwhelmed. My court experience was swift and successful. Shaye is a professional who treats people well. I would not hesitate to use her services again.

    Honest,knowledgeable and a caring lawyer.

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    She was straight forward of all the facts and was so caring and giving moral support to uplift my confidence during those stressful times (before,during and after my court hearing).

    Much love for Shaye

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I have nothing but good feelings for Shaye. She did an excellent job with my case and took a lot of the stress out of this process. Without writing my life story on here, I have had some bad luck with lawyers in the past. But Shaye is not like the others and I recommend her as a bankruptcy attorney, friend and human being. Do yourself a favor and talk with her first. She responded to everything very quickly and was always honest with me. Thank you Shaye. You have made another believer here.

100% success rate!

    Posted by Robert, a Chapter 7 client

    A career-long 100% success rate! Wow!

    What I personally experienced went beyond the implications of that stat.
    Shaye Larkin is not only copiously aware of the long-term picture and scrupulously attentive to details,
    she is kind, good-humored, thoughtful, friendly, and accepting.

    The ebullience of her character made our conversations enjoyable,
    far beyond the fact of the legal win that she delivered.


    Chapter 7 advise
    Posted by Marcie C, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larkin is very knowledgeable and she is able to explain things clearly. I like the fact that she was very comforting and non-judgmental. Shaye was always quick to respond to me with all the answers I needed. I felt very safe and confident with her. After she review my case she call me right the next day and advice me that my debt was probably beyond the statute of limitations and would drop off my credit report in a less than two years, and that bankruptcy was probably not necessary.
    I highly recommend Shaye Larkin to anyone considering bankruptcy.

Shaye Larkin, Excellent Bankruptcy Attorney in San Francisco.

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I strongly recommend Shaye Larkin's services as a bankruptcy attorney. I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection at the end of 2013. Shaye helped me through the process of data gathering and paperwork preparation. Shaye determined that I passed the Chapter 7 Means Test, filed the paperwork electronically for Chapter 7, and attended the Meeting with the Trustee and Creditors to provide support, and to see the process through to completion.
    Shaye is very professional, clear about what she can and cannot do to assist a client, and is scrupulously honest. Shaye is very pleasant to work with, and is very supportive. It was clear at the Meeting with the Trustee and Creditors, that Shaye is well respected not only by the Trustee, but also her colleagues. Shaye is in a class of her own, and I recommend her to you unreservedly.

Professional, Knowledgeable, Thorough & Compassionate Bankruptcy Attorney

Posted by Bob, a Chapter 7 client

My wife and I are happy that we selected to have Shaye represent us with our bankruptcy. After our first consultation, Shaye had put our minds at ease and educated us about what to expect and was very thorough, professional and compassionate throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Shaye Larkin for anyone who is considering bankruptcy. Shaye is the best!

Great Lawyer

Posted by Shell, a Chapter 13 client

I was very stressed out and didn't know what to do with all my bills piling up, then I met Shaye. She was very helpful an knowledgeable an let me know what I could do to get out of the financial mess I got myself into. She just didn't tell me to fill out forms she helped me step by step. Shaye was very patient with me not knowing anything about Bankruptcy she answar all my questions in detail, I can,t thank Shaye enough. Thanks again Shaye for helping me get my financial life back in order.

We love Ms. Shaye Larkin; she really cares.

Posted by a Chapter 13 client

We are so lucky to have met Ms. Shaye Larkin. We love working with her; she really cares. When we have questions and/or concerns, we email her and she responds right away. We made a great decision on working with her. No one compares.


Posted by Elbert and Geraldine, a Chapter 7 client

Shae Larkin is a every good lawyers who workes with you stepe by stepe she gives you her time ,as for us we did not have our papers togetter very good but she was patience with us at all time.

  • Thouroughly Prepared

Posted by Keith, a Chapter 7 client

I consulted with 6 different lawyers in Northern California. Shaye was the one that I could understand, she was informative and patient. Whenever we needed help and guidance she had all the right answers. Shaye genuinely cares about helping people get thru the tough times of bankruptcy. When the time for our 'Hearing' came, we were prepared. Now we're ready to move on to make our lives better. Thanks to Shaye Larkin.

  • A good lawyer

Posted by Nancy, a Chapter 7 client

Shaye is very proffessional and responds to questions in a prompt manner. Her fee is very reasonable and she is clearly experienced at filing bancruptcy. She made me feel very comfortable and well understood.

  • Bankruptcy Ch. 7

Posted by Raquel, a Chapter 7 client

She is super responsive and err's on the side of caution. She lets you know any and all possible outcomes. She doesn't just tell you what you want to hear.

  • Bankruptcy

Posted by Christina, a Chapter 7 client

I was referred to Shaye by a friend. She was very knowledgeable in her business made me feel comfortable, always keep me informed to the minute. Never had to wait days for a response. I can always count on her to send me a text or email within a hour or before the day was over. I would highly Recommend her!

  • A True, Guiding Light!

Posted by Julie, a Chapter 13 client

The recession of 2009 hit me hard. Up until that point, I was making a decent living and had fantastic credit. I was proud of my accomplishments and never would have imagined it could all go away due to no real fault of my own, but that's exactly what happened when my small business floundered in the economy. Credit card bills began piling up, when there was a time not long ago that I paid the full balance off every month; my car was repossessed, my phone rang constantly with rude bill collectors, and finally late last year I was served with a summons; one of my creditors was suing me. I had no choice but to file bankruptcy at this point, although I truly hoped that one day my life would return to normal and I could honor my debts. The real world doesn't work this way, and the bankruptcy process was a tough reminder of that fact. Luckily, I was an avid listener of the Len Tillem radio show, and his recommendation of Shaye Larkin compelled me to email her. I sent her a message on a Sunday night, and was astonished when she replied immediately! ~ and I'm pleased to say, that's how it was with Shaye for the entire process. She was friendly, approachable, personable, and no-nonsense from the beginning to the end, and I will consider her a friend for life. She never looked down on me or my situation, and never passed judgment on me. That said, the bankruptcy process was one of the most stressful and time-consuming events of my life! The only consolation for me was that I had Shaye to guide me through it all. I know there were times that my naivete challenged her patience, but this is ultimately why she is the attorney and I am the client! Trust in Shaye, she is the real deal! I cannot thank her enough!

      Worried and confused about filing bankruptcy? Talk to Shaye.

      Posted by Wendy, a Chapter 7 client

      My luckiest day of 2012 was when a friend told me about Shaye and her bankruptcy practice. My friend had learned about her while listening to Len Tillem's consumer advice radio talk show on KGO, and he suggested I call Shaye because he knew I had been putting off filing bankruptcy because of the costs and overall hassle. My only conflict is decide who deserves the most thanks -- my friend for the referral -- or Shaye.

      During my first conversation with Shaye, she asked me a handful of questions and then gave me simple, basic information about just what was involved in the bankruptcy process, I was finally able to see that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Shaye's explanation of what was required of me to file bankruptcy, including necessary personal and financial documents, legal/court fees, and time commitments, was very clear and precise. And she had my full trust and confidence from the start. She has varied and extensive experience, and she knew the answer and/or solved the problems before they came to fruition. Because of my tendency to procrastinate, especially when facing stressful and unpleasant circumstances, finding Shaye was a godsend beyond words. Thank you Shaye for taking the reins and make this process as pleasant as possible. And, thanks mostly for your caring, patience and understanding.

      Great Lawyer

      Posted by a Chapter 7 client

      From the moment we reached out to Shaye for a consultation, she was there for us. We are in Los Angeles and Shaye is based in San Francisco. If we scheduled a phone meeting, she was on the line at the exact time we scheduled the call. So even though we are a few hundred miles away, we decided to hire her as a our lawyer.

      From beginning to end Shaye kept us informed about our case. Shaye was extremely detail oriented. She left no stone unturned. I believe her attention to detail helped get a judgement in our favor.

      Shaye is also very personable and friendly. She speaks to you as a human and never talks down to you. She always explained the law very clearly and was easy to understand.

      Shaye really invests herself in the case and the client. It seemed as though we were her only clients and she worked on our case around the clock.

      Lastly, Shaye does all the work herself. She does not use assistants or stand-in lawyers. This kept her well versed in our case. She even came to Los Angeles for our hearing.

      Hire Shaye

      Posted by Jane, a Chapter 7 client

      Very helpful and attentive. She helped us every step of the way and answered all our questions. We hesitated filing for years and she helped us see its not that difficult and the fresh start we've gotten is invaluable.

      Review Shaye Larkin

      Posted by Gerardo, a Chapter 7 client

      I have worked with many lawyers in the past but no one like Shaye Larkin. She is so knowledgeable and guide me thru the whole process that I felt one hundred percent confident and secure. I completely recommend her. A great lawyer and an amazing human being.

    What an amazing experience to work with Shaye Larkin!

    Posted by MKC, a Chapter 13 client

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Shaye Larkin and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is considering bankruptcy. Faced with financial difficulties, I had no idea where to turn or what to expect. One afternoon I was listening to Len Tillem's program on KGO Radio and Shaye was a guest on his show. I contacted her and I will be forever grateful I did. She was an absolute godsend. She clearly and precisely explained everything to me, every step of the way. She answered every question I had. She was always very quick to respond when I would email her questions -- most times, she would answer emails immediately, never longer than 30 minutes or so... She was neat and organized -- and I can't say enough about what an amazing experience it was to work with her. She was prompt and courteous in all our interactions. She is a credit to her profession and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such an outstanding layer. I will be forever in her debt. Thank you, Shaye.


    Amazingly Shaye made it easy, I can't thank her enough for helping me.

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I was in a slump part of life during the process of my personal bankruptcy (who isn't), and I initially interviewed with a different lawyer a while back who seemed to want me to rush on my decisions so I didn't feel comfortable with that.

    It was a good thing that my sibling recommended Shaye Larkin, so I gave her a call and we discussed my situation and how to go about the process as it was overwhelming for me. All in all she made it easy by giving me all the things I need to prepare, updated me on how things were going and she gave me my options and guided me appropriately on the process till the end. She always answered my questions, kept me up to date and was on top of the process. So what could have been a difficult and exhausting process turned out to be easy in a sense that I know what is going on and what to expect so there was no surprises.

    I'm very thankful for her expertise, knowledge, professionalism, personality and service.

    Great Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Posted by Bill, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larkin helped me successfully file bankruptcy and brought compassion to what was a difficult situation. Ms. Larkin was very clear and concise when explaining all details and answering any questions. Ms. Larkin was also extremely organized and knowledgeable with the bankruptcy process. Again, making this experience much more pleasant. I highly recommend Shaye Larkin.

    Tough love in action...

    Posted by Camilo, a Chapter 13 client

    Shaye walked into my life through a lawyers network referral while I was going thorugh extremely challenging times.

    She took me step by step through the process of filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and gave me priceless advise along the way. Among other things, she helped me eliminate my second mortgage by including it into the program. Shaye also continued to support me until my plan was successfully completed and was extremely clear about what to do and what to avoid and why.

    Even though working with her was a little harsh at times, I think that is exactly what I needed: some tough love to help me get back on track.

    If you are considering bankruptcy, Shaye is the way to go...

    Shaye Larkin is an excellent lawyer!

    Posted by Michelle, a Bankruptcy client

    Shaye is an excellent bankruptcy lawyer!When i first e-mailed her, she e-mailed me back the very same day... she is totally on top of things and she kept me informed from beginning to end.
    Today i received an e-mail from Shaye stating that i have been discharged from owing anything to the IRS! One of the best decisions i made was leaving an abusive marriage... the second best decision was hiring Shaye! I can now get on with my life and not have to worry about the IRS or creditors. Thanks Shaye !

    Many many thankx to Shaye Larkin

    Posted by Robert, a Chapter 7 client

    I have only sought the help from one attorney in my life and it was a privilege to have found Shaye to help me out of a mess I got myself into. I wont make any excusses for having to declare Bankruptcy.....bottom line is; I spent more than I could pay back. Trying to make minimum payments on credit card accounts were just not working and I found myself getting buried by high interest rates.

    Although I had not used my credit cards for nearly one year prior to Chapter 7, I could not get any help from my creditors. They were not interested in the fact that I lost my job...they were not interested in the fact that I had been a loyal, well paying customer of theirs for years...they were not at all interested in lowering my interest rates so I could actually pay down my balance...they were not interested in the fact that I was feeling like dog-doo-doo for not being able to be a man of my word, and "pay what I really did owe".

    Well, I found someone who DID care and it was Shaye Larkin. Through her I found that I was not the only one who felt rotten for not being able to pay what was owed. Its what all feel when contemplating Bankruptcy. She was very compassionate and unlike my creditors who made me feel like crap, she brought a sense of calmness to my troubled mind ( X-tra thankx for that Shaye)

    Shaye is the type of person who stays on top of every little detail when it comes to communication, the paperwork and all the various forms one needs to fill out. If I forgot to fill out something on the form, Shaye immediately contacted me and requested the correction. She would send me an email reminding me of a scheduled appointment. She emphasized to me in my initial consultation just how important it was to be presice in answering her questions and in answering the questions on all the forms.In other words- no BS.

    Shayes honesty, integrity and her caring for me as a person ,are just a few reasons I would suggest that if you are contemplating Bankruptcy as a last resort, please contemplate Shaye Larkin as your attorney.


    Posted by a Chapter 13 client

    Bankruptcy is such a difficult thing to go through. I can honestly say from the time we met Shaye we felt so comfortable, not judged. We left the office knowing we had choosen the right attorney. The whole process went actually better than expected. Shaye always makes you feel at ease and always got back to us in a timely manner. Always answered my questions professionally, even on my silly ones. I just cannot say enough about Shaye and her service, other than if you have to go through this experience she is the best! I will still stay in touch with her , even though I wont need those servcies any longer.


    Posted by Kevin, a Chapter 7 client

    I hired Shaye Larkin's services to help me with my (Chap 7) bankruptcy process. Shaye is an attorney who is smart, reliable and very professional. Her outstanding service made the cumbersome bankruptcy process go very smoothly. Throughout the process, Shaye also did not forget that I (her client) was a person and not just a "number." Thanks to her, my bk process is now complete and successful. I highly recommend Shaye Larkin to anyone who needs help with the bankruptcy process.

    If Bankruptcy is Your Only Option

    Posted by Brent, a Chapter 7 client

    If bankruptcy is truly your only option, I have two suggestions: Don't let your ego cause you to continue to try and hang-on, grasping at straws as your financial (and as a result personal) world collapses. The sooner your bankruptcy is discharged, the sooner you can begin taking your life back.

    Secondly, I would suggest you consider retaining Shaye Larkin as your legal council. From my wife’s and my first meeting with Shaye, through our discharge this past May, we always found her to be a very thorough, knowledgeable "partner" through the entire process, guiding us the entire way while at the same time keeping us informed, answering our questions, and making sure all our paperwork was accurate and timely. As a result of her experience, preparation, and knowledge of the Bankruptcy Court procedures and Judges, our case went as smoothly as one could hope under these circumstances.

    Best call I made.....!

    Posted by Loretta, a Chapter 7 client

    I was getting calls and letters daily and was constantly stressed out over my finances and lack of income after being forced into this situation by a divorce. I had no idea how I was going to make payments anymore. Do you also feel there is nothing you can do about the pile of bills that keep coming and overwhelmed about making ends meet? I even stopped answering my phone for fear it was a bill collector! If this is how your day sounds, call Shaye, it will be one of the best things you can do to feel like you can breathe again and get control of your life. I was so worried about even considering bankruptcy and after talking with her, I left with the feeling of relief. She helped guide me through the process of what was required. Her attention to detail made the entire process and the decision to start fresh much easier. Shaye was highly recommended from someone I know and they were right, she is an excellent attorney! I am very pleased with the help she gave me and the end results! And after sitting at the meeting with the Trustee and listening to other BK attorneys with their clients, I was even happier that I called Shaye, you will be too! Shaye is the only attorney I spoke with regarding BK but have had the experience of "working" with other attorneys and none of them were as detailed oriented as Shaye. I wish all attorneys had the same work ethic as she does!

Shaye is outstanding

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    We really can't say enough kind words for, Shaye Larkin. She is intelligent, compassionate, informed, and detailed. She really knows what she is doing and understands the bankruptcy system thoroughly.

    Filing for bankruptcy was one of the toughest decisions of our lives. The difficulties of swallowing pride, asking for help, and accepting reality were humbling for us. Shaye's empathy combined with impressive professionalism were just what we needed. Shaye was downright honest, providing accurate information that was customized to our unique situation. Shaye was patient with us as our financial situation suddenly changed, and showed great flexibility with our needs.

    Shaye advised us from when we first contemplated bankruptcy, and was there for us through each step. Her approach to collecting pre-file information was thorough, responsive, and professional. After the filing she prepared us for our MOC and having her by our side that day truly made a difference. We recently received our successful discharge, and without Shaye we're doubtful things would have gone so smoothly. We rate Shaye Larkin in the highest levels of credibility, as her predictions for our case, despite some tricky points, panned out perfectly.

    We highly recommend, Shaye Larkin.


    Posted by cruz, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye larkin was my lawyer for bankruptcy chapter 7 she helped us from the beginning to the end and made everything easier for us she was very attentive and would explain us very clearly every step of the process i would recomend her to anybody

      Notes from Another "Shaye Larkin Fan"...

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I am so fortunate that Shaye Larkin came into my life at a time when I really needed some help. For 30 years, I trusted my husband with every paycheck. I never questioned our budget or expenses until I found out simultaneously about the "other women" and that he had leveraged and spent us into bankruptcy. First, I turned to a divorce lawyer. Next, I contacted Shaye Larkin.
    Shaye worked tirelessly to sort out a mountain of debt, and helped me get my finances in order. She was professional, thorough, knowledgeable and sympathetic...
    Bankruptcy is a very emotional state, filled with feelings of loss, embarrassment, frustration and being overwhelmed. Shaye Larkin successfully walked me through every step of the process. I highly recommend her!


      Chapter 7 Bankrupcy

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I like the fact that she was very conforting and non-judgemental. Shaye was always quick to respond to me with all the answers I needed. I felt very safe and confident with her.


      Guiding light through the difficult Bankruptcy process

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larkin is professional, knowledgeable, principled, and trustworthy. She balanced this with great compassion, empathy, and thoughtfulness. Bankruptcy is a difficult process in every way- financially, emotionally, mentally, and even at times, physically. Having legal counsel from Shaye, has been a shining light as she guided us every step of the way. In the midst of adversity there are blessings. Having Shaye as our Attorney during this dark time was a great blessing.
    With deepest gratitude!


      Shaye Larkin, professional and extremely kowledgeable In bankruptcy Issues

    Posted by Sergio, a Chapter 7 client

    After an initial phone conversation with Ms Shaye Larkin, I decided to meet with her. Her obvious knowledge and expertise regarding bankruptcy was very reassuring, therefore I decided to retain her services. Ms Larkin’s professional representation and standard of excellence proved invaluable. I honestly felt a sense of relief and confidence having her on my side. Needless to say my case prevailed just as Ms Larkin anticipated. I sincerely appreciate everything she and her office have done for me.
    Ms Shay Larkin is professional and extremely knowledgeable with bankruptcy issues. I highly recommend Ms Shaye Larkin and her law office for any bankruptcy issues.

    -- Sergio S.


      Shaye Larkin is a most amazing lawyer and ideal support for navigating financial legalities!

    Posted by Linda, a Bankruptcy client

    It's a common story these days when I say I bought a house at the height of the market just before the crash and my excellent financial history was destroyed. I lost my job, my retirement, my home, etc. By the time I got a job and relocated, I was in a black hole of debt and finally lost my home. I was too ashamed to consider bankruptcy though I decided to consult with an attorney who specialized in financial matters to inform me of my options.

    I found Shaye Larkin online and she had good reviews. I was very nervous and embarrassed about contacting her since I had heard horror stories of what friends had to endure in insolvency processes. She put me at ease from the initial phone consultation as she was not only knowledgeable and professional but also kind. She expertly advised me of my options to resolve my financial crisis and bankruptcy was my best option.

    Shaye guided me through the complicated bankruptcy process with ease, explaining each step and what was required of me. When my bankruptcy was finally complete, I was so filled with gratitude for not only the amazing job she did but also the kindness with which she did it. Choosing bankruptcy is a difficult time emotionally and she was so supportive that I was able to successfully complete the process, get past the shame and find the inspiration for a new life.

    I have referred some people with financial challenges and they have all come back and told me what a great help Shaye was in helping them resolve their issues.

    I highly recommend Shaye Larkin!


      I Will High Recommend Atty. Larkin

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I highly recommend Atty. Larkin. My husband and I filed for bankruptcy Chapter 7 this May 2011. She guided us through the process thoroughly and kept us informed of any changes and development. She is a good lawyer and maintains her good credibility. She really knows her job. Until the every end when we have to face the trustee, she was there with us. We thank her for all her efforts and will recommend her to anyone who is in the same situation like us.

      Great attorney

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye did everything she said she was going to do. She got back to me via email within minutes. She is extremely detailed, organized and just an overall nice person. I would recommend her to anyone.


      Outstanding Bankruptcy Attorney

    Posted by Peter, a Chapter 7 client

    After speaking with several other attornies, I interviewed Shaye Larkin and hired her at our first meeting. She impressed me as a professional who cared about my case, which was rather complicated. Shaye will move along quickly, is very detail oriented and explains exactly what you need to provide her with as you go along through the process. I had issues involving former employees, taxes, a personal Trust, real estate foreclosure, spousal support and repossessions to name a few. Having never had serious financial problems, Shaye treated me with sensitivity and helped keep my integrity intact. She made certain that every potential problem was resolved well before the deadlines. Her thorough approach gave me complete confidence that my Chapter 7 bankruptcy case would be approved, which it was. Her fee was very fair and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

      Integrity, Preparation & Expertise: Why You Should Trust Your BK To A Dedicated Expert

    Posted by Rhonda, a Chapter 13 client

    We did not make the decision to file bankruptcy lightly. It was a decision fraught with intense feelings of shame and failure that linger to this day. To her eternal credit, Shaye evaluated our situation completely without judgment and, by following her knowledgeable lead to the letter, made it as painless as it possibly could have been.

    That is not to say that it was easy, in any way. Shaye correctly counseled us that bankruptcy is a long and minutely detailed process, requiring every past and present financial detail to be combed through and vetted. (We have on ongoing small business and remain homeowners, thankfully.) This required weeks of time and many detailed questions from Shaye as she pored over our information to give us the best advice and prepare our case for the Trustee. Unlike many other firms, Shaye handles the intricate details of every case herself so that absolutely nothing is missed.

    This thoroughness and expertise paid off at our hearing. Of the many “debtors” (yes, this is how you will be referred to by bankruptcy court staff) to present cases that day, ours was the only one we observed to be recommended for approval. Others were delayed or dismissed because debtors did not have the correct documentation, they or their attorneys could not answer questions/objections posed by the court and a number of other reasons that boiled down to preparation. Because Shaye had worked with us from the beginning and was thoroughly familiar with every detail of our case, she sat by our side and advised us through the tough questions at the hearing. We also benefited from her solid reputation with peers and court staff for being proactively prepared and conservative in her approach.

    After working through the process successfully, she is also the textbook example of why you need a trusted expert to navigate bankruptcy. We are forever grateful for her professionalism and personal empathy in guiding us through one of the most difficult chapters of our lives and helping us to get a fresh start. It does indeed get better and Shaye is the very best professional to put you on that path.


      Excellant, BK specialized Lawyer

    Posted by Jim, a Chapter 11 client

    Shaye knows the people related to getting things done all along the way, and is very knowledgeable as to the laws and time tables.

      Lawyer’s Comment:

      I think what Jim means is that because I file bankruptcy cases in many different jurisdictions, I know the various formalities of the different divisions and the expectations of the trustees assigned to the cases, and because it is me who handles the case from start to finish - not a paralegal or a stand-in attorney, I make sure the case is fully and accurately prepared before it is filed with the court so there are no unfortunate surprises down the road. Thanks Jim! :)


    Posted by Toni, a Chapter 11 client

    I have nothing but amazing and outstanding things to say about Shaye Larkin! It was a tough decision for my husband and I to file BK and Shaye helped, reassured and actually made filing an easy task (who knew it was possible.) There were times we were overwhelmed, ready to give in and Shaye helped us work through the mountains of paperwork every step of the way. She set an example of the cheesy saying "No question is a stupid question" we had so many questions and were in constant contact with her through email and always received instant responses. I am so grateful for being referred to Shaye Larkin and would recommend her to anyone who is in need of an Amazing, efficient, personable and relatable lawyer!!

      Los Angeles Client

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    We live in Southern California (Los Angeles) and we couldn't have been happier with Shaye Larkin during our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing. We had heard horror stories about other attorneys and were nervous; luckily a family member referred us to Shaye Larkin. She was understanding, explained everything in detail, and most importantly she was very responsive to our questions. Prior to our hearing we felt prepared and ready. Everything went smoothly thanks to Ms. Larkin. She's a great attorney. Thanks Shaye!


      Shaye Larkin

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I first heard Shaye on the Len Tillem show in 2009 and I contacted her on several occasions since that time seeking her counsel on many of the challenges that the economy is placing us in, divorce, mortgage modification, and bankruptcy.

    After considering my debt management options and speaking with two other attorneys about the pros and cons of working with any of those companies I chose to file bankruptcy.

    I met with Shaye last fall and she talked me through the processes of both Chapter 7 and 11. We developed a plan to file after the New Year, which we followed through, and she navigated skillfully through the entire process with professionalism.

    Shaye's website is highly informative, I found myself visiting her site before, during, and after the process finding the answers to my questions in short time.

    Shaye Larkin is very personable and I found very quickly that I felt comfortable with her and she promptly earned my trust and respect.


      Shaye Showed us the Way to Start Over

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Living in the gloomy and challenging PNW for over 4 years bankrupted us. After being relocated to the Bay Area by a new employer, then discharged within 80-days, we needed to start over. The Bay area was where we wanted to stay, but with an underwater mortgage in WA, tons of credit card debt from trying to stay afloat in WA and very little income in CA, Shaye guided us through the process of securing a Chapter-7 discharge. She was patient, thorough and extremely savvy about the process so much so that everything went smoothly and efficiently after we filed. We highly recommend her and will refer associates and contacts to her in the future.


    • Professional and Trusting

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Without Attorney Shaye Larkin my family would still be stuck in the mud of debt and fear. Attorney Larkin provided the guidance that made sense out of a troubling situation. Every step of the way we felt a clear and consise target was articulated to us by Attorney Larkin. When we were confused Attorney Larkin provided the clarity we needed to comprehend difficult questions presented in our filling. I highly advise anyone facing bankruptcy to higher Attorney Shaye Larkin.


      Shaye Larkin counsel

    Posted by Barbara, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye gave excellent counsel throughout our Ch 7 and accompanied us to the hearing. She was tough on us about being thorough and exacting in the documentation. This led us to being extremely well-prepared (even the judge at our hearing gave her kudos for this). Do choose Shaye. You will be very glad that you did.


      Shaye was great!

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    She assisted me through the entire process in an informative and stress-minimizing manner. She was accessible and easy to work with!


      Excellent Lawyer - informative and attentive

    Posted by Nick, a Chapter 7 client

    My wife and I were trapped with all these credit cards debts and had no way out except for the inevitable, filing bankruptcy! I was referred to Shaye by a good lady friend who I would describe as an Artist who has very high standards in dealing with people; therefore I knew I could trust her judgment on people's performance and character. My friend was right, Shaye is all that and more; outstanding customer care, responsive to calls and emails. We had a free consultation via phone at first in which we talked a little over 1/2 hour at no charge to help pre-screen our case; then a couple of weeks later we met in person for a full 1 hour consultation at her office. She helped us understand the process and what to expect during. The consultation fee is deducted from the whole costs of filing the bankruptcy which I felt is fair and honest treatment.
    Once we reviewed and filled up all the paperwork that she gave us, she went through them fully and reviewed our file very carefully. She was very affirmative, serious and diligent with the file so as to avoid any mistakes at day of court. I have to admit, her diligence was so highly appreciated which created that confidence in us once we walked in the court to meet the judge, unlike some others we've seen there unprepared and sloppy with their paperwork.
    We highly recommend Shaye to all our friends or anyone we like; if situation arises and had no choice but to go thru this, work with an honest, careful, trustworthy, confident attorney like Shaye.


      legal advice and representation

    Posted by Claudia

    When I contacted this attorney to handle my case, I was so scared but this attorney explained the process, my rights and the benfits to me, along with the no so good benefits. However, I was able to make the right decision for what I needed to do at that moment in my life and Ms. Larkin make it happen. I highly recommend her in a heartbeat!

      The Best Bankrupcty Lawyer

    Posted by Steve, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye is the best. She is very professional and answered any and all question we had . She was very responsive to all my emails. I mean I had answers the same day if not within the hr to all my emails it mad the process very easy for us.


      Knowledgeable, professional, thorough, trustworthy and an excellent communicator.

    Posted by matt, a Bankruptcy client

    Shaye was recommended by a friend. Declaring was a scary and confusing process for me... Shaye helped me understand the process. Thorough could not describe her well enough ... she has an attention to detail as if she used a microscope. I already have recommended her to another friend, and well do so in the future if asked.
    When it was time to go through the hearing with the Trustee, Shaye was well prepared. Just seeing the other lawyers fumble with their clients and missing key things the Trustee wanted to see, made me happy to know Shaye had my back... with ALL of the "I's" dotted and and "T's" crossed.

    ...I used the other reviewers title for this review because it fit perfectly...


      Knowledgeable, professional, thorough, trustworthy and an excellent communicator.

    Posted by a Chapter 13 client

    Filing bankruptcy was a huge decision for us but we knew we had the right lawyer in Shaye Larkin. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional and an excellent communicator so she was able to guide us through the process step by step. All of our questions were answered thoughtfully and promptly. Ours was a complicated case and involved an enormous amount of documentation. Shaye is both organized and meticulous and her attention to detail is amazing. Throughout the entire process she treated us with respect, compassion and encouragement. Bottom line: we believe she is the best and give her the highest recommendation.


      Helpful and supportive

    Posted by a Bankruptcy client

    Ms. Larkin was reccommended to us by another lawyer we highly regard. From the begining and all throughout this process she was clear and precise on the steps we needed to follow to have a successful outcome. She was empathetic to our situation (debt due to job loss) and made us realize that bankruptcy was not something to be ashamed about but a viable solution to a problem that had become insurmountable. She was an exacting taskmaster as to the work we had to do to provide her with the information she needed to best serve us in our case. She replied to our inquiries promptly (usually within minutes!) and gave us clear instructions on how to proceed. She helped us understand what was going to happen at every step of the process. I can't imagine going through this difficult and complicated event without someone like her at my side. I would reccommend her highly to anyone needing her services.


      Chapter 7 Petition and Discharge

    Posted by Ray, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye, Provided excellent professional legal advise before filing the BK Petition, during the creditors meeting, and finally after the discharge. The whole process went smoothly as she prepared us in advance for all unforeseen obstacles that we might encounter. She was very thorough and asked many questions of us before the petition was filed and this made our case move quickly through the court. After having her represent us, I'd never think of trying to file a BK Petition on my own.


      Highly recommended

    Posted by Tara, a Chapter 7 client

    When I was looking to file bankruptcy last fall, I contacted a half-dozen lawyers. Only one bothered to reply: Shaye Larkin. Not only did she reply, she replied within an hour of my email...which was at 8 pm!

    Shaye helped me get over my fear of filing. She's knowledgeable, focused, fast, and understands what her clients are going through emotionally -- all of which are key elements for reducing stress during a highly stressful process.

    She was always accommodating, and never considered any question I had -- and there were many -- too small or silly, and always responded promptly and with compassion. (She also didn't bill me to death for every single email or phone call, as some other atty's do. Her fee was her fee, period. What a relief when filing bankruptcy!)

    I've dealt with more than a few lawyers over the years, and I've never wanted to hug any of them. Shaye I hugged. She's just that kind of person. She's very professional, but also very kind. I would highly recommend Shaye Larkin if you're looking to file bankruptcy but don't know where to begin.


      THE BEST!!

    Posted by THAIS, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larking was wonderful. I wasn't sure how bankruptcy worked and if I should even do it. I had a consult way Shaye and she went over everything that would take place in a bankruptcy. So after are consultation I went back home thought about it and changed my mind about filing bankruptcy. After a two months I emailed Shaye asking her would she still be willing to take my case still of course she said yes and we picked right up were we left off two months prior. Getting my paper work together for Shaye seem like the hardest thing for me to do. However, Shaye was very patient with me walking me through every step of the way. I mostly communicated with her via email (which was easier for me being that I always busy at work) and when I sent her an email she would respond quickly. Sometimes she would send me an email on a Saturday or Sunday. She was the best everything she said she would she did it. Now my bankruptcy has been discharged and I am debt free and I have Shaye Larkin to Thank. If I had to do it again I will choose her and I need her for anything esle she would be the first person I would call. She is my Attorney!!!


      The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer Shaye Larkin

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye is an excellent attorney. She was very professional and responsive.She represented me on my chapter7 very professional,knowledgeable and thoroughly.She responded my question and concern in very quickly. She helped me painlessly get through the process and get back on my feet. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing advice and counsel regarding Bankruptcy matter.


      Shaye Larkin is an incredibly talented attorney.

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye is an excellent attorney. I've referred two dear friends to Shaye that plan to use her services this year. I will refer everyone I know that is looking for legal representation in matters that Shaye specializes in.

    She was very professional and responsive. When I first contacted her she was very realistic and even recommended that I shop around further for the right attorney. I felt very comfortable with her and felt she would provide excellent representation. I hired her immediately.

    She was incredibly tenacious and thorough. I had many questions and concerns regarding my case. She addressed each issue thoroughly and was always available in a timely manner.

    When we went to court she came prepared and polished, knowing my case and any potential issues inside and out. I was so relieved that she was representing me. The other attorneys in the room did not seem nearly as prepared as Shaye. She's top notch!


      Show of Brilliance

    Posted by Paula J. Savastano, CMT, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye is incredibly knowledgable, kept me focused, always kept me informed, prepared my paperwork beautifully, she far out shines other bk attorneys with her brilliance.


      Excellence in Bankruptcy Legal Advice / Advocacy

    Posted by Paul, a Chapter 11 client

    We were in trouble with debt and knew we had to get help.
    Unfortunatley, we tried one of those debt settlement services and found ourselves $1500 lighter, with not a thing to show for it except the Credit Card Companies making plans for Garnishment of my wages.
    We looked online and found someone that came highly rated by her customers and was close to us in the Bay Area.
    We talked to Shaye and she laid out what we needed to do. Her fees were reasonable and was a pleasure to talk to.
    We went ahead with her services and filed for chapter 11, because I wanted to repay the debt and I still had a job. The process was Painful, but tolerable due to her assistance with all the many forms and procedures that needed to be followed.
    After several years of repayment, I lost my job. We had to quickly change our status to unemployed and convert to Chapter 7.
    At this time, our debt has been discharged.
    Shaye was wonderful throughout the process and always came through with what was needed in filings or advice.
    I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing legal help - With Bankruptcy or any other legal services.
    She is a trusted friend.


      I highly recommend Shaye Larkin

    Posted by Jane, a Bankruptcy client

    I highly recommend Shaye Larkin, who handled my Chapter 7 bankruptcy very expeditiously and efficiently. She has been doing bankruptcies for several years and has lots of experience, plus she has a real understanding of how stressful it is for a client to face losing everything. She is very compassionate, a real person who will hold your hand if you need it, but will also be firm and make sure you don't miss deadlines, etc.

    She makes a real effort to keep fees down. You won't be paying for a lawyer with an expensive Financial District office.

    She answered all my questions promptly via email and kept in touch so I always was on top of what was happening with my case. She explained everything so I could understand what to expect.

    She made a very unpleasant episode in my life be as positive as could be expected, and helped me realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It was such a relief to finish the bankruptcy and hopefully move on with my life.

    I also know she does legal work in the community for those who are financially disadvantaged and I commend her for taking time to do so.

    I would recommend Ms. Larkin's services to everyone.


      shaye larkin

    Posted by ewa lewandowski, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larkin is the best attorney I have ever.She represented me on my chapter 7,very professional, reliable,knowledgeable.I would recommend her to anyone.


      Excellent Bankruptcy Knowledge

    Posted by Susan, a Chapter 7 client

    It's a humbling experience realizing you need to file for bankruptcy. Shaye explained the whole process on our first consultation, explaining what my options were and if I decided to go ahead, what each step would be. I found her to be very knowledgable and thorough. She was there each step of the way. After the inital consultation we handled everything by email. She was very responsive and answered my questions and was reassuring when I was nervous. I would highly recommend Shaye.


      My Legal Coach

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larkin is the best bankruptcy lawyer in the bay area, she was a great help to me during my bankruptcy, she answered every question I had, she responded quickly no matter what time of day or night, she is vey thorough, she make sure your case is well prepared before it goes to court, and always very friendly, I got more services than I paid for, her prices are excellent, she don't charge too much.


      A great experience in difficult times

    Posted by Don, a Chapter 13 client

    Like many I was unexpectedly surprised by a legal situation that required a quick response. When I contacted Shaye she was able to immediately stop a garnishment issue that seemed to come out of nowhere. It quickly became evident I needed to file bankruptcy and I honestly had no idea where to begin. Shaye was extremely helpful in guiding me through the process working long hours and weekends and answering all of my questions. Shaye was patient and gracious in sharing her knowledge and always willing to take the time to explain the smallest of details.

    When one needs an attorney it’s not always planned and comes at a time when trust is high on the agenda. Shaye's knowledge of the legal issues was comforting and built a foundation of security to help calm my fears. I am convinced my case would not have been resolved as quickly with another attorney.

    I would recommend Shaye to anyone in need of legal expertise. Shaye is a lawyer you can absolutely trust, which is the most important part of the entire process.


      Competent and Caring

    Posted by Janice, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and secure in my decision to file bankruptcy. She responded to each of my questions and concerns in a timely manner. Her knowledge and reseach skills exceeded my expectations. Her communication skills are excellent.


      The BEST Lawyer EVER!!!

    Posted by Julie, a Chapter 13 client

    Shaye was such a great lawyer and also a real person. Not some money hungry lawyer that is taking your case just because. She really made us feel comfortable, heard, and well informed. She got back to questions and e-mails almost instantly. She had our case done and ready in a very expeditious manner. She gave us three options to choose from and she had researched ALL of them in less than 1 month. She gave her recommendations in the different choices but supported our decision 100%. Our case was very difficult and complex. But Shaye was right on it with the Trustee and made our case a 40 month program. WOW she really had done her homework on our case and was on the creditors very fast. Even though I made a few mistakes and she had to amend the plan and send out additionals letters again to our creditors. She never complained worked long hours and was always available when we needed her. I would recommend her highly to anyone and will also be doing my will and personal Estate planning. She also gave us hope that we will in 40 months be FREE to start our life again. Thanks Shaye we love you.


      Thank You Shaye

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye did a great job guiding us through the bankruptcy process. She explained everything in detail and helped us gather all the required paperwork. Shaye made it quick and easy. Filing a bankruptcy is a choice with many complicated ramifications, but Shaye helped to clarify the process. We rate her an A+ and would recommend her services to anyone who is contemplating a bankruptcy.


      My Experience With Shaye Larkin

    Posted by Denise, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larkin handled my bankruptcy and I was very extremely pleased with her services. She was quite knowledgable about the bankruptcy laws and kept me abreast on all aspects of my case.

    Additionally, Shaye is kind, friendly and extremely helpful. She not only handled my case with great skill, but treated me with alot of empathy and care. Her warmth and good nature was the motivating factor in choosing her over other attorneys that were closer to my home. Lastly, Shaye always kept me apprised on the status of my case and always answered my emails and phone inquires in a timely manner. I never felt like I was bothering her and she was extremely patient and courteous. If you are seeking an attorney who is well versed in bankruptcy law and a warm and caring soul to boot, Shaye is the person for you.


      Highly recommended!

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larkin was stellar in handling my bankruptcy in a professional and timely manner. She definitely knows her stuff and helped me understand current and pertinent information for my case. She helped me painlessly get through what could have been a difficult process for me. Again, highly recommended!


      I'm so glad I made this call...

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    If you are seeking legal advice for bankruptcy I highly recommend the services of Shaye Larkin. From the first day we met until our day in court Ms. Larkin offered the highest degree of professionalism with that personal touch. Even though it took awhile for me to decide this was the right choice she was there with guidance and understanding for every phone call and email. Never rushed me knowing it had to be the right decision. At such a difficult time to know you have someone you can trust to guide through the process can truly make the difference.


      Shaye Larkin, A lawyer you can trust and depend on to help you to the end

    Posted by Michael, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larkin is passionate in providing you the truth, procedure and the results in a straight forward, caring way. She can be tough as nails when necessary and keeps you on the path to your goal. A sincere professional that keeps her word. I will always be grateful to her. Plus, her fees are very reasonable! Thank you Shaye !


      Shaye is awesome!

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I can say that going through a bankruptcy is probably one of the most uncomfortable, embarrassing things I've had to do. However, thanks to Shaye, those feelings were minimized. She's very professional and, at the same time, has a calm, comforting energy that puts you at ease. I don't think I could have picked a better attorney. Her fast responses to my emails were stunning. I felt as though I could ask her anything and share my concerns and I wouldn't be left waiting a long time to hear back. I appreciated that very much.


      Shaye Larkin is the best

    Posted by David, a Chapter 7 client

    From the moment I contacted Shaye Larkin I began to feel safe and hopeful. She was fully informed and insightful about the process of filing case. She not only handled the legal aspects of my case with attentive professionalism, but she also helped me to understand how I got into the situation, and what to do to transcend it. I have the highest regrd for this attorney. She is there to make a positive difference for her clients.


      Great Experience with Shaye Larkin

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    We filed bankruptcy and Shaye made the process painless and simple. She was a wonderful person to work with. She responded very promptly to our phone calls and emails and she was very patient with us. She is a very down to earth attorney who anyone would enjoy working with. She is very friendly, courteous, and kind. She is very knowledgeable in her profession and explained everything very clearly. I would recommend anyone who needs an attorney to call Shaye first. She has a heart to help people and to make the process as painless as possible.


      I'm so happy i found Shaye!

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    It took me awhile to consider bankruptcy because its so embarrassing and you feel so in shame. After speaking with her, she explained so clearly the process and made me at ease. It was comfortable for me to talk about my situation as if she was a good friend. She's kind, sharp, professional, and gets the job done immediately,... everything you want in a lawyer!


      Bankruptcy Attorney's Don't Come Better Than This!

    Posted by Dale, a Chapter 7 client

    Bankruptcy can be a deeply personal and emotional experience. There is so much misinformation and frankly, "misemotion" out there about bankruptcy. So an attorney needs to have a fine balance of human skills and legal skills. A heart as well as a mind, not to mention a soul. Shaye Larkin has all of these in abundance.

    Ms. Larkin will guide you through the process from initial inquiry to the signed, sealed and delivered deal. She will do this with an impressive knowledge base, a magnitude of ethics and a heap of compassion.

    Her service is the exact recipe you need for a successful navigation of this process.
    Since my bankruptcy I have heard even more stories of bankruptcies gone awry and my experience was the polar opposite. My circumstances were basically the same as those in these post bankruptcy situations and the one difference was the quality of the legal services.

    Ms. Larkin knows exactly how much you, the client, needs to be involved in the process (because you do) and how much she needs to take care of. It is *so* important for you to be in step with your lawyer in this journey and you will be if you choose Ms. Larkin.

    Nothing is kept in the dark, nothing is left to the unknown or chance. You will know exactly where you stand and what to expect through it all. Everything will be done with accuracy and according to the law. You will have a sincerely smiling face accompanying you as a bonus.


      Highest Praise for Attorney Shaye Larkin

    Posted by Larraine, a Bankruptcy client

    I cannot say enough good things about Ms. Shaye Larkin. I was going through a very difficult financial time, facing the need to file bankruptcy. She came recommended to me and from my first phone conversation with her, I knew I had found a competent, experienced, and compassionate attorney to help me. Throughout the 7 month process, she handled all aspects in the most professional and timely manner without losing the human element. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing advice and counsel regarding bankruptcy, her specialty.


      Great Lawyer

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    She was very helpful, thorough, and knew he work.


      Strong Recommendation!

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larkin is very knowledgeable and she is able to explain things clearly and concisely. She responded promptly to all questions and guided the process with complete professionalism. I would highly recommend Ms. Larkin to anyone considering bankruptcy.



    Posted by Omari, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye guided me through chapter 7 with ease. Going through a bankruptcy is very stressful and embarassing for me. When I found Shaye, she made me feel so much better about my situation. She explained the process and guided me through it. She is trustworthy, very knowledgeable, kind and sensitive. I felt very bless to have her as my attorney. I've regain control of my life, thanks to Shaye.


      Chapter 7 Lawyer, Shaye Larkin

    Posted by Vannessa, a Chapter 7 client

    I approached Shaye during a difficult time in my life, not only filing Chapter 7, but also going through a divorce. Shaye gave me practical and logical advise, always gave me the pros and cons and would research any issues that would pertain to my final decision. Shaye always followed up, and kept me informed. She is exremely knowledgeable in her field and is trustworthy. She helped me through a difficult time of the unknown - she is very calm and assertive. Knowing that I was going through a divorce, she insured to include debt information that was related to my ex-husbands accounts, because of California law pertaining to community property. She made sure that I would be protected under Chapter 7 laws and that I would not be responsible for my ex-husband's debt. I will always refer others to Shaye Larkin.


      Excellent and helpful lawyer

    Posted by Katherine, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye was very knowledgeable and comforting. She explained likely scenarios and that made me feel more at ease. Very professional and kind. I highly recommend her!


      My Savior

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye was terrific and totally professional. She was sympathetic to my unfortunate situation and was totally professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her.


      Shaye Larkin, Great Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Posted by Levi, a Chapter 7 client

    This was one of the best experiences i've ever had with a lawyer, Shaye was very professional, she kept me informed through every step of the process, her personality is very easy to get along with, and she makes you feel at ease throughout the entire process, she never made me feel bad about filing bankruptcy, and always responded promptly when ever I had a question or concern, if you choose to have her represent you in bankruptcy, you won't regret it.


      Thank you Shaye.

    Posted by Debbie, a Chapter 7 client

    My husband and I called Shaye after hearing her on the Len Tillam Show speaking about Bankruptcy. She seemed very knowlegable and offered to answer questions with no strings attached. We had already detained an attorney for our bankruptcy but felt like nothing more than a case number to them. Shaye responded quickly and professionally. It is a very difficult time when you have reached the realization that there is no other choice than to file Bankruptycy, Shaye was able to help us through the process with ease and move forward with our lives.


      Shaye Larkin

    Posted by Jane, a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye is a great attorney. She is very honest. She helped us through a bad period in our lives.


      Shaye Larkin

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye Larkin with her knowledge, efficiency and compassion made a difficult and upsetting process much easier. She was always available to answer any questions I had and did so in a clear and concise manner. I'm very grateful that she was recommended to me and would pass on that recommendation wholeheartedly.



    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    She is not only a lawyer, I'll call her a "Doctor Lawyer" from day one she guided me to the whole process until I got my Discharge. She explains vividly and made it simple for you to understand the forms that you were filling up. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will give her an 11.

    As the saying goes, " She is 0ne Heck of a Lawyer. "


      Shaye is GREAT!

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye handled my bankruptcy. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Everything went so quick and seamlessly! I was surprised that was all there was to it!


      Would use this attorney again

    Posted by a Business client

    Shaye Larkin is very knowledgeable in the areas I sought her advice on, and she is able to explain things clearly so that it makes sense to the layperson. She is also
    concise - didn't take up more of my time than necessary, and shows concern for keeping client's costs (attorney fees) under control. She responded promptly to questions and I felt that she cared about me as a client.


      Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Posted by a Chapter 13 client

    I found Shaye through the AIDS Legal Referral here in the City. She was very prompt in returning my call. At our first meeting I was very nervous but with Shaye's calm domineer I knew she was the Lawyer for me. Her follow-up could not have been better! It have bee close to a year that I declaired Bankruptcy and she still keeps in touch with me. I just received an email from her reminding me to sent my tax forms to my Trustee. The girl is a total professional and I highly recommend her!


      Awesome service

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye expertly assisted me with my bankruptcy proceedings in 2008. She was highly knowledgeable, professional and helpful. She compassionately held my hand every step of the way and provided me with the comfort I needed to make this difficult decision. I recommend her highly!!!



    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Shaye helped me with my bankruptcy and was very helpful and informative in the whole process. She took the time to explain everything clearly and made it easy to understand. She gave me the confidence that everything was going to be ok which eased my stress level immensely. She helped get me through a very stressful part of my life and now i ahve a future to look forward to. I would highly reccommend her to anyone needing help with bankruptcy.